Green Juice 1 Quart Case of 12

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With Green Juice, results can be seen almost immediately with an even quicker onset of flowering and significant increases in weight of flowers throughout your entire flowering cycle. The visible increase is actually astonishing as three week old flowers resemble flowers which look like they are on their fifth week of flowering.This new formulation delivers amazing results.


Shake well before use.

Hydroponic Recirculating & Run to Waste Systems:

Turn plants to flower for 5 to 7 days.  Once plants have reached your desired height then apply Green Juice for 5-7 days.  To induce a rapid onset of flowering, apply Green Juice at the rate of 1-4 mL per gallon of made up nutrient solution.  

Adjust TDS/PPM accordingly.

If you need to mix a new batch of nutrient solution during this 7 day period re-dose again with Green Juice.  Flush your system with fresh water after this 7 day period has ended and then return to your regular nutrient feeding program.

If you wish to harden your flowers even further repeat the above application rate for week 6 & 7 of your flowering cycle.  These longer applications at lower dosages will provide a more uniform effect over the entire plant.  This late application will also increases your final weight.

For hydro use during week two of flowering, and during weeks six and seven.

For soil/coco media use during week two of flowering and then flush the medium.