The Original Rapid Flower Hardener - Case of 6

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The Original OG Rapid Flower Hardener

Case of Six 1 Liter

  • The Original OG Rapid Flower & Hardener is a product that has been exrclusively designed to extensively activate your crops flower production and deliver an overwhelming increase in flower mass like no other product on offer.
  • Results can be seen almost immediately with a rapid onset of flowering and then delivering exploding mass with rapid daily increases in weight throughout your entire flowering cycle. 

  • The visible increase is actually astonishing as three week old flowers resemble flowers which look like they are on their fifth week of flowering.

  • In one testing, the flowers at their third week into flowering were already leaning.

  • This proprietary formulation delivers amazing results through superior plant uptake technology. 

  • For serious growers only!


Hydroponic Recirculating & Run to Waste Systems  

Turn plants to flower for 5 to 7 days.  Once plants have reached your desired height then apply OG Rapid Flower & Hardener for 7 days.  To induce a rapid onset of flowering use OG Rapid Flower & Hardener at the rate of 1-2mL per litre (4-8mL per gallon) of made up nutrient solution.  

Adjust TDS/PPM accordingly.

If you need to make us a new batch of nutrient solution during this 7 day period re-dose again with OG Rapid Flower & Hardener. Flush your system with fresh water after this 7 day period has ended and then return to your regular nutrient feeding program.

If you wish to harden your flowers even further repeat the above application rate for week 6 & 7 of your flowering cycle.  These longer applications at lower dosages will provide a more uniform effect over the entire plant.  This late application will also increases your final weight.