Case of 4 10% Fulvic Acid Gallon

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This is a 10% Organic Fulvic Acid Product.  By far, the highest content of Fulvic Acid available.  Most Fulvic Acid products contain about 2%.  If the Fulvic Acid liquid you are currently using is a golden color, it is 2%.  Ours is a DARK thick product.  You can use 1/5th of what you are currently using.  We recommend about 1mL/4 Liters in your reservoir.  Extremely, highly concentrated, this product will save you big $. The Fulvic Acid used is fully organic. Shake well before use!

Benefits include:

  •  Accelerates production of nucleic acids
  •  Enhances photosynthesis and respiration
  •  Increases cationic exchange