1 Quart Bush Load

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Bush Load 1 Quart

  • Bush Load is a super concentrated (0.4-percent Paclobutrazol) plant growth regulator.
  • Bush Load can be readily absorbed by plant roots and translocate to the active growing points. 
  • Application of Bush Load produces long-lasting, uniform growth regulation. 
  • Super Concentrated PGR
  • Add Bush Load during week 2-3 of flowering to stop vertical growth and stretching.
  • Bush Load is a great alternative and substitute for Bushmaster and Phosphoload. 
  • You can apply Bush Load as a root drench or a foliar spray. 
  • Readily absorbed by plant roots and translocated to the active growing points.
  • When you use Bush Load expect your plants to develop tighter internodals, creating shorter, bushier plants.
  • You'll also see more color as it does not affect size of the flowers! 
  • A very small amount of Bush Load plant growth regulator goes a long way.