Bushload Case of 3

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Bush Load is super concentrated. Prune your workload instead of your plants with Bush Load Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator. When applied to a plant’s roots, Bush Load suppresses shoot growth, preserving the plant’s shape for longer with reduced maintenance. The active ingredient may also improve foliage appearance by boosting resistance to disease and drought. Application of Bush Load produces a long-lasting, uniform growth regulation. Add Bush Load during week 2-3 of flowering to stop vertical growth and stretching. You can apply Bush Load as a root drench or a foliar spray. Readily absorbed by plant roots and trans-located to the active growing points. When you use Bush Load expect your plants to develop tighter internodals, creating shorter, bushier plants. You'll also see more color as it does not affect size of the flowers! A very small amount of Bush Load plant growth regulator goes a long way. Bush Load is intended only for Ornamental plants, not consumable or food plants.